P.h.D | Postdoctoral Researcher, Goffinet Lab Ecology & Evolutionary Biology University of Connecticut

Dissertation Research

The origin of the bipolar disjunction and the southern South American endemic Tetraplodon fuegianus.

The geographic distribution of many plants is shaped by long distance dispersal across oceans and unsuitable habitats, typically by wind currents. However, some patterns of disjuntion do not correlate with wind paths, and some species are unlikely candidates for wind dispersal. Our knowledge of long distance dispersal and thus its affect on shaping global floristic diversity is largely limited to model cases where wind paths are available for organisms with high dispersal ability. I am using a combined phylogenetic and phylogeographic approach to resolve bipolar phylogeographic histories in a dispersal limited taxon, the common dung moss (Tetraplodon). An integral part of my dissertation work has been my collaboration with an innovative biocultural conservation program at Omora Ethnobotanical Park Southernmost Chile. 


Phylogeography is the study of historical processes and geographical distributions of genealogical lineages. It examines the geographic distribution of individuals in relation to genetics and population genetics. The study is useful for both biological and cultural studies. However, it has some major drawbacks. This article explores some of the problems associated with phylogeography. Read on to learn more. Phylogeography – Why We Study it

Phylogeography is an important research method in evolutionary biology. It is the study of the history and evolution of a population or individual. The field is largely dependent on the study of a genetic locus. It contains information about the ancestry of an individual or population. Its limitations lie in the amount of information contained in it. It is vital to extract this information. Here are some approaches to the problem.

Phylogeography is an important scientific tool for studying species distributions. It is a valuable method in the study of biodiversity because it provides a hypothetical framework for the evolution of lineages. It provides insights into the history of evolutionary processes and gives examples of evolutionary strategies. There are two types of phylogeography: interpretative phylogeography and systematic phylogeography. These are often used to answer the same questions.

Phylogeography can be a valuable resource for genetic and environmental data analysis. It can be used to understand the origin of species. In addition, it can help to determine the dispersal patterns of species. There are competing hypotheses regarding the origin of human beings. By using this technique, scientists can better understand the genetic and geographic characteristics of our ancestors. This information will help them to identify and classify the most appropriate species for conservation and protection.

Evolutionary Biology Today

Biology is the study of life. Although the field has a vast range of topics, there are several common unifying themes. All organisms are made up of cells, and all process hereditary information encoded in their genes. This information can then be passed down through the generations. This course focuses on the human body and its systems. The topics covered in the course will help students understand how different organisms function and to make the most of their studies.

The study of plant development includes a thorough understanding of how plants develop. Many factors affect the development of plants, including genetics, hormones, and environmental factors. In addition to these factors, biology focuses on how these systems function. The main characteristics of plants include meristems, post-embryonic organ formation, and differential growth. In this course, students will learn about these systems and how to use them to improve their lives.

In addition to biology, the discipline also involves the study of the diversity of organisms in the world. A graduate in this field can choose to work in the media as a science writer. This position will allow them to write about issues related to the natural world and inform the general public about biological issues. In addition to pursuing a career in this area, students may decide to enter a graduate program. If they choose to pursue a career in a related field, a biology degree can open doors to many other careers.

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